Poor Alban just had a very scary experience.

I was sitting in the dining room, reading, when I heard a great crashing rustle partway between paper getting crumpled up and something breaking erupted from the mauka (upland) side of the house. It was followed by huge thumpling noises as Abaln dashed pell-mell acroos the house, scared out of his wits. Aas he arced through the living room on the makai (seaward) end, another great crashing rustle happened, this time followed by a tearing noise.

Then Alban dashed madly mauka again, clearly terrified. Concerned for the poor kitty -- and afraid he might have hurt himself -- I went into the playroom. He hadn't gotten that far; I found him crouching by the refridgerator, eyes round and black with terror. Something had scared the poor dear very badly. He looked okay otherwise, but...

"Mom, could you come?" "What is it?" "Alban's got something around his neck."

Mom came, crouched down like I couldn't, and put one hand firmly behind his head while she removed.... The little plastic handle to a shopping bag, attached to a small, torn bit of the shopping bag. Mom said he must have torn it and scared himself.

Curious now that I wasn't quite as worried about Alban, I wandered to the living room....

Sure enough, there was some large bit of paper in there. It was stuck under one of the rocking chairs. I called Mom again, annoucing that I'd found the shopping bag.

Mom came, and I pointed it out to her. She got it out, and folded it up with the missing handle to be thrown away. When I asked, she said she hadn't had any definate plans for it, and they were gone now anyway.

Mom showed me where she'd kept it, by the closet... I still don't know how Alban got stuck in it in the first place. However, after a short stint hiding under the bed, he feels much more like his old self again. He's currently resting on a chair in the playroom, and not _too_ visibly upset anymore.


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(c) 2000, Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, Hilo, Hawaii
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