Dad was rolling out dough in the kitchen for cinnamon rolls. A particularly long swipe with the rolling pin nudged the marble cheese cutter rather close to the edge of the table. Dad grabbed it, and handed it to me, saying "Could you put this over there?" gesturing to the counter near the dining room.

As I put the cheese cutter in the middle of counter, he explained "I don't want it to fall off the table."

I slid the cheese cutter over, pushing it away from the edge and against the mixer.

"There, I put it where it shouldn't fall, with or without help," I told him.

"Good idea," Dad replied.

"Here comes Help now," I added.

Dad looked over his shoulder to see Alban Quivertail, R.C. strolling through the kitchen. "Yes, here comes Help," he agreed.

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Copyright 2000 Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, Hilo, Hawaii
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