A couple years ago, we planted a pineapple top in our front yard to save it for a friend who'd said he wanted to grow it. The friend never came for it. It grew very nicely, however, so we have a pineapple plant. This spring, it sprouted a pineapple. It ended up kind of funny looking 'cause another stalk pushed it over to one side, but it's a nice pineapple. The other day, Dad tested to see if it was ripe and ready to pick.

Well, it wasn't quite ripe, but it must have been ready to pick, because it came off in his hand!


Dad brought it inside, and put it on the kitchen table to ripen. Not an hour later, Dad went into the kitchen and announced "Alban's found the pineapple."

I came in, and found a certain white kitty cat chewing on one of the little leaflets at the base of the pineapple.

"Why is he chewing that end?" I asked. "I bet he just hasn't found the other end yet," Dad said. "Here Alban, look over here," Dad moved his hand past Alban's face, and over to finger the top end of the pineapple.

When Alban saw the other end, he looked... his whole posture seemed to say "Oh, why didn't you say so earlier?" He quickly moved over, and started vigorously chewing the top of the pineapple. What a happy kitty!


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Copyright 2000 Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, Hilo, Hawaii
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