The Mighty Hunter

A couple of days ago, Dad, Alban and I were standing around the kitchen. Alban was trying to explain to Dad that it was time to feed the kitty, while Dad was trying to explain to Alban that he just had fed the kitty, so Alban would just have to wait a little while longer.... I was unhelpfully commiserating with the poor, starving kitty without feeding him.


Then a movement by the window caught my eye. Looking closer, I found a small brown gecko (a two inch or so long lizard common in Hawaii) running across the screen. There's nothing unusual about that, except that something didn't look quite right. Looking closer.... Oh-oh....

The lizard was _inside_ the screen.

Geckos inside the house are a very common sight in Hawaii. Unfortunately, they are also a common source of salmonella. They are also _excellent_ self-propelled kitty toys... at least until Alban comes down with salmonella. He did once....

I pointed the gecko out to Dad. Dad quickly closed the louvers with a snap.

Startled by the noise, the gecko leaped from the screen, and landed on the louvers. Then he ran up to the topmost louvre.... Just below a three-inch gap between the louvre and the top of the window. Oh-oh.

Most of our windows shut entirely, so once you close the windows, you "only" have to quickly loosen the screen without releasing the gecko, go outside, get and climb a ladder remove the screen, chase the gecko Somewhere Else (doesn't matter where, as long as it's outside the screen when we put it back), re-hang the screen, put the ladder away, come inside, open the louvres, and re-secure the screen. Most windows. Not the kitchen window. There, the louvres stop too soon, so lizards can run right over the top into the main part of the house even when the louvers are fully shut.

As Dad and I were fully absorbing this complication, Alban spotted the lizard.

Alban leapt to the top of the bread maker in a single bound, eared up, put his paws on his side of the top louver, and tried to bat the lizard on the other side of the top louvre.

Dad tried to distract Alban.

Right. Distract Alban from a top-grade, self-propelled kitty-toy? Yeah... sure.

Dad began muttering about things not working right.

I suggested Dad hand me Alban. I had an idea. Dad scooped up the mighty hunter, and handed me a thoroughly disgusted and frustrated Great White Wriggle.

Grasping the Great White wriggle firmly about his tummy with both arms [carefully avoiding all five sets weapons], I marched off to the little room. Closing the door firmly, I deposited as thoroughly disgusted a Mighty Hunter on the counter. Alban immediately leapt down, went to the door, and started staring at the door knob.

I let him.

I needed to use the rest room. I got to, and without Company rubbing back and forth across my knees, demanding to be petted. That's odd, especially when Company is in the same room.

When I was done, I called to Dad, asking him to let me know when it was safe to come out.

Before too long Dad said I might as well come out; Alban wouldn't be able to catch the lizard.

Alban immediately headed for the bread maker, from which he carefully inspected the louvers and screen near where he'd last seen the lizard. No lizard.

Of course no lizard. The gecko, with typical speed and agility, had run the long away across the window and across and down wall beyond to take refuge behind the stove. There was no way Dad could catch it now... but Alban would have trouble getting it behind there, too.

Especially if he kept looking at the window, which he did for a fair while.

That lizard is probably still in the house... hopefully staying out of reach of a certain Mighty Hunter.


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Copyright 2000 Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, Hilo, Hawaii
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