One Morning

A few days ago, Dad was... particularly impressed with a certain white kitty's ingenuity... in spite of himself.


At six something in the morning, over an hour before Dad was thinking of getting up, Alban started meowing in the kitchen.

Dad ignored him.

Mreow. Yow, rouh mao mu....

Dad rolled over and continued to ignore Alban.

Meow rao mao....

Still no Daddy.

Alban came into the bedroom, and jumped up on the bed. Then he grabbed the covers with his front claws....

[jump jump jump jump]

Yes, Alban started jumping on the bed with the covers firmly in his paws. "This had a very definite effect on the bed," Dad told me later. It also had a very definite and desirable effect on the Daddy: he got up and the fed the kitty. Much better.


The things a poor little kitty has to do around here to get a bite to eat!


We were really impressed with his ingenuity...

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Copyright 2000 Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, Hilo, Hawaii
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