French Toast

However, this time I think I need to explain a little about me and French Toast, if anything's to make sense. For a long time, I didn't like the stuff. Mom and Dad kept putting these pancake syrups on it, and, well, they're awfully sweet to go with egg in my opinion, and French toast is just bread dipped in egg and fried. I finally figured out I do French Toast with milk or applesauce, just not with those syrups.

I usually have a couple of little dishes with milk and applesauce by my plate when I have french toast. Alban thinks the one with milk looks just like the little dishes of milk we pour just for him. He's right about that -- we use the same dishes for HIS milk. He's lapped up my milk more than once, so pleased he found it on his own initiative, so we didn't have to bring it to him. So we've got into the habit of pouring two little dishes of milk -- one for me, and one for Alban. My little dish of milk is much safer that way.

Which brings us to Alban's most recent experience involving milk for French Toast. I usually prefer milk with 2% milk fat. Alban will drink 2% sometimes, but he really prefers whole milk (4%). However, the last time Dad served French toast, I was drinking 1% acidopholus milk, to help me re-balance my stomach bacteria after antibiotics. I don't like it as well, but when I need it, I can drink it.


Dad got a couple of little glass bowls, and set them on the counter. Dad went to fridge, and brought out some milk. Dad picked up a bowl, poured the milk into it, and put it before Alban. "Uh, Dad?" I said, "You just gave Alban my milk." Alban sniffed it. He gave it a few token laps. Then he jumped down left for the living room. Apparently he doesn't like acidopholus milk particularly, either. Smart cat.


Mom and I pointed out as much to Dad. Dad decided he really should give Alban some of HIS milk, so he poured out the acidopholous, rinsed it, and poured some whole milk instead. He took it to the living room to present to Alban. He came back in short order, displaying a VERY clean glass bowl. It was just as clean as Alban's little pink tounge could make it. We all laughed. Alban sure made his preferences clear: no more acidopholous milk.

I thought he was a smart cat!


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