Alban and Agatha

Last week, Agatha, the neighbor's little stripey cat, got up on the heater closet and looked into the kitchen at Alban. Alban was eating. Agatha was not. Agatha was JEALOUS!

Agatha turned around and urinated on the kitchen screen to show her displeasure at our unfair treatment of guests.

Alban was INCENSED. How DARE she mark HIS TERRITORY? THE NERVE! Alban wanted to go outside immediately and deal with her once and for all. He was really furious!

Mom and Dad weren't too pleased, either. Especially Dad. He was there, so he had to clean up.

We've decided we should keep the louvers next to the heater closet closed to discourage similar incidents in the future. With them closed, Agatha can't really see in clearly. We hope she won't object so much to things she can't really see that well.

Agatha sure made her feelings clear that day!

[laughter, HUMONGOUS GRIN]

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Copyright 2000 Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, Hilo, Hawaii
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