Alban's Arrival

One of Dad's co-worker's cat had kittens, two girls and one guy. He said we could have one. We went over to see them. The kittens greeted us as soon as we arrived. We each picked one up... very friendly kittens, all of them. They liked being held, at least until Mom came along and lay down. Then they squirmed to get down; time to eat, you know. Mom thought the little boy with the baby-blue eyes was the cutest, but I picked one of the little girl kittens with one white eye and one brown.

We took her home a couple weeks later, but she was still too little: she wanted to suck her milk off Mom's finger. Unfortunately, Mom's finger isn't the best source of milk, so we took her back the next day. Her Mommy was very happy to see her again, according to Dad. He told me about a couple of very enthusiastic reunions they had.


Then we went on a trip to Honolulu. When we came back, we called Dad's co-worker. He said he was sorry, but a student who was to get the last kitten had taken the last girl kitten, and by the time someone realised the mistake, the student had become quite attached to her, and really didn't want to give her back. Only the boy was left. Would we like him?

Okay, "Alba" became "Alban", and Mom was very happy. So was I; I mainly wanted a kitten. Sex wasn't that important, even then.


Now, well, I wouldn't trade him for anything. Even if he does manage to find an awful lot of trouble.


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Copyright 2000 Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, Hilo, Hawaii
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