Over to she who writes the Silly Kitty Stories:

Well, for starters, I'm a Hilo girl -- born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, as were both of my parents. We still live here -- they're in retirement now, while I'm a graduate student who's finally nearing the completion of a Master's in Library and Information Science. As usual, I'm working though the distance learning program, which can't seem to decide whether it's ITV or ITS now. (I like the old name, "HITS", myself.)

I have a wide variety of hobbies I pursue haphazardly at best, but the ones I keep at are mainly reading (mostly science fiction and fantasy, with a smattering of non-fiction), fantasy role-playing (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and we're looking for new players for our group), and reading usenet newsgroups (mostly alt.books.m-lackey, with occasional forays to alt.culture.Hawaii, soc.culture.hawaii, and hawaii.test).

I guess my interest in working in libraries began in late elementary school. I started reading shelves in my elementary school library so I could find the books. It became serious in Hilo High School, where I found I enjoyed helping librarians with a variety of tasks, both during and between classes. I got to try my hand at not just maintaining shelves, but basic pre-computer cataloguing, serials, inventory, and book mending.

Later, I got into volunteering in libraries. Lyman House Museum's small library introduced me to computer cataloguing and long-term book preservation concerns.

For the past two years now, I've been volunteering at the University of Hawaii at Hilo's Mo'okini Library, where I've actually volunteered long enough to see my assignments evolve and change over time. I've been doing minor Hawaiiana Reference right along, but I've shifted from cross-checking bibliographies and selecting Hawaiiana and Pacific Reprints to cataloguing a long series of newspaper articles by my father's mother, Helen Shiras Baldwin. Recently, I've begun to do some book repair (which I first learned in high school and learned more about in Lyman House Museum and graduate school), and maybe expand what I do with Hawaiiana Reference.

Usually my silly-kitty stories feature my cat, Alban Quivertail, R.C. [Resident Cat], a little white fellow with pink ears and the palest blue eyes you've ever seen. He had a little smudge-like spot the size of my thumb when we first got him, but it blea - um - disappeared before he stopped growing.

Alban is a white kitty cat with pink ears, mouth, nose, and paw-pads, and pale, ice-blue eyes. His mother was deaf, but he managed to inherit her coloring while getting his father's hearing. He can hear the back door rattle or the refrigerator open from across the house, and it's a long house! His full name, with titles, is Alban Quivertail, Resident Cat. "Alban" I (kind of) picked out before we even got him, since I knew we were getting a white kitty; it's from "albus", Latin for "white". I think how he got at least part of the rest his name is covered in some of the kitty-stories.

Alban lives with my parents and myself in Hilo, Hawai'i. He is an inside cat, in spite of continual efforts on his part to change that to in-and-out cat. This is only one of many projects -- both ongoing and occasional -- that he seems to come up with to keep his people busy.

The other kitty most likely to show up is Agatha. She belongs to the neighbors just seaward of us, and comes over to visit occasionally. Her encounters with Alban are sometimes almost friendly, and other times anything else but, but they're usually interesting.

The following stories, are all my silly-kitty stories.


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