About Myself........ by Alban Quivertail, R.C.

I am Alban, the Resident Cat of the house where I live with my three people, The Mommy, The Daddy, and The Girl.

My favorite hobbies are sleeping, eating, getting petting and attention, washing myself and my Girl, and people-training. I've been working on the last since I was tiny kitten, but I believe there's always room for improvement.

I also like to take strolls in the yard, and explore certain normally-closed places, like The Girl's room, the dryroom, the towel cabinet, and assorted closets, and the porch when the people close that off, usually when they bring a tree inside.

I've been trying to teach my people the open-door policy: all doors shall be and remain open for easy entrance and exit by the Resident Cat. For some reason, my people seem particularly slow about learning this. However, any kitty who wants properly trained people needs to be persitent when they're slow. I keep explaining things to them, and hope they will catch on eventually.

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(c) 2000, Anne Elizabeth Baldwin, Hilo, Hawaii
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